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Tombros Markoulakis Karatzas & Associates Law Firm

The firm

The financial crisis has brought to the forefront, more than ever before, the demand for reliable legal services at the lowest possible cost. To that end, we have structured and staffed our firm in order to offer a wide spectrum of advisory and litigation services in the areas of commercial and civil law, covering cases of any level and difficulty, reducing our operating costs to a minimum and offering very competitive rates.


We offer legal services in select areas, which we have effectively mastered.


We are a closely-knit team with complementary skills and extensive professional experience in both consultancy and litigation.


We analyze our strategy in a manner understandable to the client, proposing clear choices and solutions, setting targets and milestones and providing a clear budget from the outset of our engagement.


We place great emphasis on rapid response, direct contact and frank relationship with our clients.


Our fees are reasonable, transparent and known in advance.


We have built solid partnerships with distinguished colleagues in Greek and foreign firms and we are able to form larger teams of high-level experts to meet the needs of any complex case.


We are co-located with the Notarial Office of C. Gerostathi, thus significantly streamlining and facilitating the processing of our clients' cases.


We offer our services in fluent Greek, English and French.

Areas of expertise

Έχουμε επιδιώξει και επιτύχει ένα αποδοτικό μίγμα διαφόρων ειδικεύσεων και εμπειρίας των στελεχών μας και έχουμε θεμελιώσει σταθερές συνεργασίες με νομικούς, οικονομικούς και τεχνικούς συμβούλους της Ελλάδας και του εξωτερικού, ώστε να μπορούμε να συγκροτούμε ομάδες εργασίας οποιουδήποτε επιπέδου και κατεύθυνσης, ανάλογα με τις ειδικές ανάγκες και τα χαρακτηριστικά καθεμίας υπόθεσης. Προσφέρουμε, έτσι, την κατάλληλη λύση, από πλευράς εμπλεκόμενων στελεχών και συνακόλουθου κόστους, για κάθε μία περίπτωση, επιτυγχάνοντας τη βέλτιστη σχέση κόστους – αποτελέσματος.

Corporate, Tax and Labour Law

We are specialised in the global legal support of corporations of any form, covering all relevant issues from daily operations to related litigation.

Development of international and domestic distribution and franchise networks

We have extensive experience in the legal support of distribution and franchise networks, having offered our services to market leaders in the beverage, apparel, cosmetics etc. industries.

Public contracts and public-private partnerships (PPP)

Our twenty-year involvement in major public contracts and PPP projects in Greece and abroad provides a guarantee of effective legal handling by our firm of any relevant issue, from the initial planning to the resolution of disputes.

Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

The difficulties and delays associated with the courts turn a growing number of corporations and individuals towards alternative dispute resolution methods (such as arbitration, conciliation etc.), in which we have an extensive international and domestic experience.

Energy and Transport Law

We have substantially participated in the development of energy routes from the EU and Greece to the producing countries of Central Asia and we are offering our services both to established and to rapidly growing corporations in the Greek energy industry.

Social Security Law

We offer reliable guidance through the maze of ever-changing social security legislation to achieve the optimal protection of your relevant rights.

Family Law

Our overriding concern is the long-term balance of the personal and property relations following a divorce, through the achievement of fair and stable solutions by negotiation, mediation or litigation.

Property Law

The distinct and highly formal character of Property Law requires a deep knowledge and experience, which we possess to an exceptional degree.

Intellectual Property Law

We handle complex matters of intellectual property protection and undertake the registration of domestic, European and international trademarks and patents.

Media Law

We are very experienced in Media Law, Advertising and Communication Law, and Personal Data Protection Law.

Criminal Law

In the current environment of crisis, the complex and constantly changing criminal legislation and criminal dimensions of business and tax issues (eg. The debts to the State bankruptcies) now concern very large numbers of people.

Immigration Law

Greece has become a multi-ethnic country and our firm offers counsel and representation services to foreign corporations and individuals who wish to integrate and operate legitimately within Greece.


K. Markoulakis delivers seminar in leading Russian university

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Presentation by C. Tsigou at the 20th General Assembly of the Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities

21-22 Νοεμβρίου 2018: Η Χάρις Τσίγκου παρουσίασε την εισήγησή της για την αποστολή της δημόσιας τηλεόρασης ("The preservation of the public interest remit") στην 20ή Γενική Συνέλευση του Μεσογειακού Δικτύου Ρυθμιστικών Αρχών (MNRA- Mediterranean Network of Regulatory...

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Presentation by C. Tsigou at the 19th General Assembly of the Mediterranean Network of Regulatory Authorities

16-17 Νοεμβρίου 2017: Η Χάρις Τσίγκου παρουσίασε την εισήγησή της "Ο εσωτερικός και εξωτερικός πλουραλισμός ως εγγυητής της πολυμέρειας των ΜΜΕ" ("Internal and external pluralism as a guarantor of media diversity") στη 19η Γενική Συνέλευση του Μεσογειακού Δικτύου...

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