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The Trial of the 'Rebetes'

February 2018: "The Trial of the 'Rebetes': Urban Folk Music and Intellectual Property" has been published, containing the proceedings of a colloquium organised by the University of Athens Law School and the Traditional Folk Music Department of the Epirus Polytechnic. The colloquium was centered around a recreation (moot court) of a celebrated trial held in 1939 concerning the Greek song "Ο Αντώνης ο βαρκάρης" and its similarity with the internationally successful song "Antonio Vargas Heredia", judged according to current standards of Intellectual Property Law.

Article of C. Tsigou on IP Law amendments

September 2017: Charis Tsigou along with Pierrina Koriatopoulou-Angeli published an article (in Greek) titled "The Law 4481/2017 on Collective Management and the Changes it Brings About in IP Law" in the July-August (122/2017) issue of the legal and business affairs journal "Sinigoros". Download (PDF,...