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Article of C. Tsigou on IP Law amendments

September 2017: Charis Tsigou along with Pierrina Koriatopoulou-Angeli published an article (in Greek) titled "The Law 4481/2017 on Collective Management and the Changes it Brings About in IP Law" in the July-August (122/2017) issue of the legal and business affairs journal "Sinigoros". Download (PDF,...

Article by C. Tsigou in Media Law journal

March 2017: C. Tsigou commented on the Athens Lower Court Judgment 2064/2016 in an article titled "Equitable Remuneration for the Private Reproduction of Audiovisual Material", published in the legal journal "Media and Communication Law" (ΔιΜΕΕ 2/2017, pp. 272-277). Download (PDF,...

C. Tsigou edits a handbook on Intellectual Property

Charis Tsigou, jointly with Pierrina Koriatopoulou-Angeli (with whom she has authored an annotated dictionary of Intellectual Property terms), edited the handbook by Apostolos Manthos titled "Intellectual Property: Diagrams - Comments - Templates", which was recently published by Nomiki Bibliothiki (www.nb.org).

C. Tsigou participates in OECD Working Group

March, April, July and September 2016: Charis Tsigou participated in the Working Group sessions of the Competition Directorate of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on the project "Competition Assessment: Methodology and Practical Implementation" (http://www.oecd.org/greece/greece-competition-assessment-project.htm), providing input on the review and assessment of the legislation on electronic and printed media affecting competition. The related OECD Report is expected to be published in November 2016.

K. Markoulakis delivers lectures on “International Legal Project Management” at the Russian IKBFU university

August 2016: Konstantinos Markoulakis was invited by the distinguished Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (www.kantiana.ru) in Kaliningrad, Russia, and delivered lectures on “International Legal Project Management” at the “Professional Legal Skills: The Way to Success” Summer School. This School involved lecturers from prominent universities of Russia, the USA, the UK, Armenia and Greece and select students from the Russian Federation and other countries.

International distinction for a group of students of P. Glavinis

March 2016: A group of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Law School students, under the tutelage of Associate Professor Panagiotis Glavinis, member of our firm, was placed third among sixty university teams participating in the international Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot Court (http://www.investmentmoot.org/). More information ...

Training Seminar for Judges and Prosecutors in European Competition Law

October 2015: Panagiotis Glavinis organized and coordinated a four-day training seminar for judges and prosecutors in European Competition Law, where Charis Tsigou delivered a two-hour presentation on "Ensuring Free Market Rules in the Media Sector". The seminar was held in Athens between September 29 and October 2, 2015, and was attended by around 40 senior judges. The seminar was provided by the European Public Law Organization (EPLO) and funded by the European Union.

Collaboration with Luxembourg-based law firm

September 2015: Our firm announces its collaboration with the Luxembourg-based "Manginas & Partners Law Firm SàRL" (www.legalservices.lu), with the aim of offering legal and tax planning services through the establishment and operational support of specialized corporate vehicles such as: Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS), Alternative Investment Funds, Sociétés de participations financières (SOPARFI), Sociétés de gestion de patrimoine familial (SPF), Investment Fund Management ...

Conference of the National Society of Greek Writers on "The Intellectual Property Rights of Writers under the Scope of New Technologies"

June 2015: Charis Tsigou talked about “The Adaptation of a Literary Work to an Audiovisual Work” during a day conference on "The Intellectual Property Rights of Writers under the Scope of New Technologies", organised by the National Society of Greek Writers and sponsored by the Organisation for the Collective Management of Literary Works. ...