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The Trial of the 'Rebetes'

February 2018: "The Trial of the 'Rebetes': Urban Folk Music and Intellectual Property" has been published, containing the proceedings of a colloquium organised by the University of Athens Law School and the Traditional Folk Music Department of the Epirus Polytechnic. The colloquium was centered around a recreation (moot court) of a celebrated trial held in 1939 concerning the Greek song "Ο Αντώνης ο βαρκάρης" and its similarity with the internationally successful song "Antonio Vargas Heredia", judged according to current standards of Intellectual Property Law. Charis Tsigou participated in the colloquium and contributed to the proceedings with her comprehensive oral and written commentary commentary "The rebetiko song is derivative of the Spanish original and constitutes a product of illicit reproduction". The publication is freely available at http://tlpm.teiep.gr/el/publications.html and is attached here.

Download (PDF, 4.05MB)